We all have to start somewhere on our road to healing our bodies and homes to bring health and vitality to all areas.

I’ve been down this road more times than I care to even think about. How about you? You get all excited to jump right in and out of no where something causes you to stop dead in your tracks and just give up.

I’ve been a blogger for many years. I recently closed all the chapters of those days of trying to keep up with all the hours of commitment it required to move ahead and succeed. With shutting those doors behind me came great relief and contentment at this stage in my life. I closed down my blog, yet still I have a copy of every single post I ever wrote and I’ll be printing those out for personal records. In time I may share some of it here.

I continue to like writing, reading and learning new things, so I am back.  This will be my quiet place and at a much slower pace to share my journey with  nutritious foods that heal, energize and give us daily strength.  Share the researching I learn and how I am applying it to myself. From in the kitchen to what lies beyond. Where healthy eating spills over into other areas in our lives. Natural remedies, cleaning aides, growing our own, supporting our local farmers and much much more.

From the Weavings of my home, 

Cedar Hill Acres Pam